Simon's trip to Myanmar

At the beginning of this year, Ashley and I actually had our hearts set on going to Northern Thailand to partner with a family in Chiang Rai. We are so similar to them when it comes to values, sense of humor and what we think doing missions looks like.  We assumed this is where the LORD wanted us next on mission for Him.  We started planning, praying specific prayers and telling folk about it.  However, when our leaders of that region caught wind of what we were planning, they politely burst our bubble, saying, “Sorry, we think it non-strategic to write a job assignment for Northern Thailand at this point.  We need more missionaries in Shan State, Myanmar.” 
Of all the places we had explored going in South East Asia, Myanmar was not one of them. As many of you know, Ashley had been there as a missionary in 2003 for one year before going to South Africa for ten years. To put it plainly, both of us were a little afraid of the prospect.We were not enthusiastic about how much harder the l…

Facing fear: the story of my son's birth

A few days before my son was born, I told Simon that it felt like Christmas eve everyday, waiting for Christmas morning to come.  What better day than Christmas eve to write out the story I have long been wanting to pen, the story of my own son's birth into this world and all that the journey to his birth represents for me.
To start off his story, a bit of my own first.  For many years now, the concept of being "true" to oneself has been important to me.  My early years were most noticeably plagued by a deep shame of self, and attempts to escape myself in various ways.  Onlookers would say that watching me run amok brought pain to them, but my own pain deafened me to their words of warning and concern.  Fear was my most constant feeling.  I struggled with it in many forms: anxiety attacks, obsessive compulsive thinking and action, insomnia.  I hated how I felt.
Broken relationships riddled my life.  I had experienced a sort of self-inflicted heartbreak over and over, and y…

Crazy experience in Crossville, TN.

We had a God-moment in Crossville recently, while taking a weekend away at Fairfield Glade.  See below for an account, as was documented by the couple we met...who sent us this in an email:

On Friday July 10th, around 4 PM, our daughter-in-law, Rachel, called us to see if she could come over to

spend a little time with us. Oliver was taking care of the 4 kids (age nearly 9 to 4). We said yes, of course.

It’s a 4 minutes drive.

We had some tea, we talked, and as it was getting closer to supper time, Rachel said, do you have plans

for supper? We said no, not especially. So she said: let’s go to the pizza place (a 3 minutes drive).

We went to a larger room we had never been into before. After we started eating, two young couples

came to the table next to us. Rachel noticed that one of the guys had an accent.

- Rachel

Where are you from?

- The guy

South Africa. where are you from?

- Rachel


- Me

From France.

- The guy

From France? With the typical British way of saying it!

- Me

Where in Sou…

Matric Ball!

Tonight is Penny's senior prom!! What a beautiful girl she has become. 
Simon, penny and I

Lindsay, LJ and Penny

Penny and her mother

Penny, her brother Ponty, and her mother Carmen

Penny and her brother Tino's family

Their own mirror! ;-)

Penny and her date, sweet Kyle.
Have fun girl! We love you. Xx